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Repeat Prescriptions

You are now able to request repeat prescriptions online via the link at the top of this page. If you are on stable, regular medication & would like to order your prescription in this way please click on the link above.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested in a number of ways:

  • By post - send it to us with a stamped addressed envelope if you want us to return it to you.
  • In person - drop your repeat counterfoil in at reception with the required items clearly marked
  • On-line - you will require a password for this. (Please ask at reception for details)
  • email - you can email your request to us at

We are unable to accept repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone to ensure safety.

Some points to remember to make things easier:

  • Please allow 48 hours (i.e. 2 working days) for your request to be processed.
  • Please always use the computer printed reorder form.
  • Try to order all your medications together.
  • You can collect your prescription from the reception desk or it can be sent to a nominated chemist of your choice. This way you only have to pick up the medicine(s). Please let our staff know which chemist you prefer.
  • Prescriptions can be forwarded to you by post if a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed with your request.
  • You may be asked to see the doctor from time to time before collecting repeat prescriptions. This is so we can see how you are getting on and make sure the medicine is doing what it is supposed to.

Acute Medications

These are usually "one off" prescriptions for a temporary condition. Occasionally these medicines or creams may be needed again for a recurrence of a condition or the original episode going on for longer than anticipated.

You may request the item in writing to the doctor giving your name, date of birth, address and the reason why you are requesting the item.

The doctor may issue a further prescription without seeing you or they may ask you to come in for reassessment of your condition as more appropriate medicine may be indicated. If this is the case you must book an appointment.

If it is over 3 months or longer since you have had the acute prescription you will definitely be asked to come in and see the doctor.

Private Medication

Any patient who has been seen at a private hospital must get their prescription from the hospital. It cannot be transferred to an NHS script.

This is for medico-legal reasons. The doctor writing the prescription is responsible for your medical condition and it is their decision having seen and examined you, to issue that prescription. Should an allergic reaction occur or anything go wrong, it is the issuing doctor who is responsible. Therefore please do not embarrass the reception Staff or waste the doctor's time by asking for a private script to be converted.

Once you have been on the medication and reviewed by the private doctor, we will continue to supply the medicine on the NHS.

Medicines Waste Campaign


Making sure medicines are prescribed and used effectively is a key priority for Redbridge CCG – it has a dedicated medicines management team working closely with pharmacies and health practitioners to ensure patients get the right medication for their needs.

Redbridge CCG has launched a campaign aimed at reducing unnecessary medicines waste across the area.

Wasted medicines cost the NHS in London an estimated £39.4 million every year. People may also be putting their health at risk by not taking their medicine as intended.

Posters and leaflets will be displayed in pharmacies and GP practices to raise awareness of medicine waste among people.  The campaign encourages patients to have regular reviews of their medicines and to discuss any issues they may have with their medication with their GP, nurse or pharmacist.

The campaign, launched by Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG),calls upon patients and carers to:

  • Only order what they need
  • Return their unwanted medicines to their pharmacy for safe disposal
  • Take their medicines with them when they go into hospital

It is estimated that at any one time £90 million worth of unused prescription medicines are being retained in individual’s homes across the UK. With a few simple considerations, patients could help save the NHS millions each year.

As an example, each £1 million saved through better medicines management could be spent on:

  • 150 more hip replacements OR
  • 106 more heart by-pass operations OR
  • 1064 cataract operations OR
  • 21 more community nurses OR
  • 136 more knee replacements